Resellers. Probably the most hated people in streetwear especially when it comes to FTP, off white and Supreme.

A reseller is a person who goes to the seasonal drops and buys  A lot of the limited edition merchandise and sell it on for a very high price. For example when  Nike and supreme combined with to the create the Supreme Jordan’s.   these retailed on the date on the release for $140 but were later sold for $1199. There was such a huge crowd at this event that the NYPD had to shut it down due to the huge mass of people blocking the sidewalks and coming onto the road.

People who cannot attend the releases and wait from 7-15 hours fucking hate resellers. Even James Jebbia the Founder of supreme came out in an interview in 2003 saying he does not agree with resellers as he wants it to be affordable to teenagers.

Love them or hate them. They’re  the real reason these companies have so much hype. The product becomes so desirable that people have to buy it. Being hooked on streetwear has been compared to a drug. The companies are the drug dealers and you’re  the user. The companies don’t really give a shit about the person that waits in line for 5 hours and doesn’t get what they want. As long as it sells and the hype stays the same they don’t care.

The resellers out there such as Unique hype create this pedestal for all these companies to stand on. Popular streetwear companies could easily release more product and set up more shops but they do this purposely. They get the same people coming back over and over again. In conclusion I don’t think resellers will ever go away however I think these companies should come out and say something about the extravagant prices they charge people. But if they do will the hype fade?