Early Christmas Feel.

As it gets colder and closer to Christmas, you need to start stacking up on your clothing and crepes, the burgundy colour in this outfit brings this out but not too vivid at the same time as it is just over 2 months away. Gone with the classical Timberlands..  cant beat them especially in the winter


Timberland winter blog post.png

this is the burgundy coat, which is quite heavy and is priced at 200$, which is hefty but considering the brand name and you are likely to get a long time use out of this heavy coat. The pockets are very easily accessible and are very big, the zip is not too heavy but stands out as being different.

Moving on to the boots


Timberland winter blog post #2.png

The limited edition burgundy boots from Timberland are very good for the winter season as they are comfortable and can tackle the harshest conditions. Fits perfectly with the jacket.


For jeans, going with a simple skinny fit jeans, bright look for winter which will help u stand out.

Timberland winter blog post #3.png

priced at 38 euro on asos.com


stay warm,



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