Ian Connor and similar figures

As most of you know, Ian Connor is a huge figure in the fashion/hip hop world and has been involved in a vast amount of bad publicity yet still remains to be one of the idols for the youth and goes under the the name ”King of the Youth”. Many people wonder how does he bounce back from such bad publicity,


His style for one is very unique and switches it up quite a lot, one week he will be wearing a simple shirt and jeans and the next a very unique outfit with sketchers being the stand out on his feet. This along with his creativity and fashion advice helped him get noticed and he was on Kanye’s team and and Yeezy clothing empire for a while.

Ian has inspired many people in the few years that he has been active, including us. John Ross is also one of Ian’s close friends and an inspiration to the youth at his very young age of 16. Some feel as if Ian has passed the baton to John ross(@interlockshorts on instagram).

From here, I can only see the youth not only in America becoming creative and engrossed in the hip hop x fashion culture but also in Ireland. There is no reason why people like Ian Connor cannot influence people on this small island. Start being creative.



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