Resellers. Probably the most hated people in streetwear especially when it comes to FTP, off white and Supreme.

A reseller is a person who goes to the seasonal drops and buys  A lot of the limited edition merchandise and sell it on for a very high price. For example when  Nike and supreme combined with to the create the Supreme Jordan’s.   these retailed on the date on the release for $140 but were later sold for $1199. There was such a huge crowd at this event that the NYPD had to shut it down due to the huge mass of people blocking the sidewalks and coming onto the road.

People who cannot attend the releases and wait from 7-15 hours fucking hate resellers. Even James Jebbia the Founder of supreme came out in an interview in 2003 saying he does not agree with resellers as he wants it to be affordable to teenagers.

Love them or hate them. They’re  the real reason these companies have so much hype. The product becomes so desirable that people have to buy it. Being hooked on streetwear has been compared to a drug. The companies are the drug dealers and you’re  the user. The companies don’t really give a shit about the person that waits in line for 5 hours and doesn’t get what they want. As long as it sells and the hype stays the same they don’t care.

The resellers out there such as Unique hype create this pedestal for all these companies to stand on. Popular streetwear companies could easily release more product and set up more shops but they do this purposely. They get the same people coming back over and over again. In conclusion I don’t think resellers will ever go away however I think these companies should come out and say something about the extravagant prices they charge people. But if they do will the hype fade?




An inspiration to us up and coming designers has to be vetements. They were founded in Paris by a group of young people who wanted to put a different style in the fashion industry. Ever since it has been worn by the likes of kanye and gigi hadid the brand got its most exposure. In my opinion the real reason I think they blew up is that no one was making clothes like this and having a French background always helps in starting up a clothing line. As I am writing this they have been releasing yet another collab with champion. The stuff they are dropping is basically what we’ve come to expect with these two combing. The way vetements collabs with so many different fashion industries is a main reason that they stay relevant and they are continuously doing new things with new companies. With us hoping to drop a our first piece of Tr. merchandise in the summer looking at what vetements started off as and what they have turned out to be is a true inspiration to all young designers.




The  fashion company Vlone have officially partnered with the infamous Nike by coming out with the creation of a pair of shoes which have taken the world by storm. Vlone are on the up and coming by regularly been seen on by the A$AP MOB being pictured with the classic army camouflaged jacket with the orange V on the back. This was shown on tv when Yamborghini High was performed by the mob on the jimmy fallon show. It has grown in popularity since this.

The iconic orange and black is portrayed clearly on these shoes with iconic v being present all on a leather canvas is especially striking  to the public. Hopefully we will be seeing these shoes in stores in the near future as they are very hard to get a hold of.


Early Christmas Feel.

As it gets colder and closer to Christmas, you need to start stacking up on your clothing and crepes, the burgundy colour in this outfit brings this out but not too vivid at the same time as it is just over 2 months away. Gone with the classical Timberlands..  cant beat them especially in the winter


Timberland winter blog post.png

this is the burgundy coat, which is quite heavy and is priced at 200$, which is hefty but considering the brand name and you are likely to get a long time use out of this heavy coat. The pockets are very easily accessible and are very big, the zip is not too heavy but stands out as being different.

Moving on to the boots


Timberland winter blog post #2.png

The limited edition burgundy boots from Timberland are very good for the winter season as they are comfortable and can tackle the harshest conditions. Fits perfectly with the jacket.


For jeans, going with a simple skinny fit jeans, bright look for winter which will help u stand out.

Timberland winter blog post #3.png

priced at 38 euro on


stay warm,


Ian Connor and similar figures

As most of you know, Ian Connor is a huge figure in the fashion/hip hop world and has been involved in a vast amount of bad publicity yet still remains to be one of the idols for the youth and goes under the the name ”King of the Youth”. Many people wonder how does he bounce back from such bad publicity,


His style for one is very unique and switches it up quite a lot, one week he will be wearing a simple shirt and jeans and the next a very unique outfit with sketchers being the stand out on his feet. This along with his creativity and fashion advice helped him get noticed and he was on Kanye’s team and and Yeezy clothing empire for a while.

Ian has inspired many people in the few years that he has been active, including us. John Ross is also one of Ian’s close friends and an inspiration to the youth at his very young age of 16. Some feel as if Ian has passed the baton to John ross(@interlockshorts on instagram).

From here, I can only see the youth not only in America becoming creative and engrossed in the hip hop x fashion culture but also in Ireland. There is no reason why people like Ian Connor cannot influence people on this small island. Start being creative.


supreme x topman outfit

Black outfit, the black and white stripes on the bottom of the jacket allow you to blend in the colour with a belt if you want. It is apart of the spring/summer 15′ range in supreme. Much suited in the summer as the jacket is not very heavy yet classy as usual from Supreme.


supreme back jacket.jpg




To combine with the jacket, there is black ripped at the knee jeans from Topman


Skinny fit jeans from topman.jpg



There are many options for the belt but i have gone with a military belt from HUF

huf military belt.jpg